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Approach Plate Holder for Beechcraft (Model 241 044)

Our solution to the challenge of holding your approach plate where you want it is this little approach plate desk that features our unique yoke faceplate adaptor. The faceplate adaptor takes the place of your Beech yoke faceplate (which probably includes a Datron clock you never use and maybe a post light). Our mount attaches to this new faceplate, and the whole assembly positions the TERPS plate just far enough away from the yoke grips to allow your hands to hold the grips and operate all the switches. The desk is designed to hold one or two plates - it will not hold an entire NACO book.


  • CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with aerospace grade corrosion-resistant gold alodine finish and stainless steel hardware
  • Yoke faceplate adaptor will also allow the mounting of any Garmin GPS up through the 796, as well as the iPad
  • Adjustable quick release swivel allows on the fly adjustments to the tilt of the desk
  • Rock-solid locking adjustments - available with optional “T” bar locking screw for quick removal
  • Rock-solid locking adjustments - available with optional T bar locking screw for quick removal
  • Rigid, sturdy construction that prevents vibration or movement from engine vibration or turbulence