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Customers & Feedback

"I just purchased your iPad mount for my Bonanza. I had been hesitant to purchase one simply because I felt they might be flimsy, or poorly designed to fit the Bonanza. I have been using a "flight desk" that simply doesn't work well with the iPad."

After installing your iPad mount I am pleased and amazed. I wish that I had purchased it before now. What a great fit that is adjustable to your particular needs, and doesn't interfere with the view of instrumentation or access to controls. A tip of the hat.

Many thanks,

~ Doug

"Your personal attention is amazing and genuinely appreciated. Makes me delighted to be your customer."

~ Bill | Lakeside, AZ

"It's nearly extraordinary that you're contacting me about this, as I was looking at your website last night and telling my wife what wonderful people you are!"

I would be delighted to discuss any aspect of either the GPS or approach plate holder installation with your clients, current and future. Please don't hesitate to pass on my email address to interested parties.

I hope you're well, and let me tell you that not a flight goes by without my heartfelt appreciation for your products.

Thanks, and be well,"

~ Louis

"I should add that the workmanship on the hardware is superb and it was a breeze to install"

~ Phil

"I just received your Garmin 696 yoke mount for the Bonanza. While I haven't had a chance yet to attach it to the yoke I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the high quality of the unit. The pieces fit together perfectly creating a solid final unit.

The instructions were clear and common sense. Thank you for talking to me like an adult and not simply a document filled with lawyer nonsense.

Best regards and Merry Christmas."

~ Don