Aviation Product Design Services

Aviation Product Design Services

We are happy to consider aviation design commissions.

Depending on the job, we can work in either 2D or 3D CAD. Sometimes, we’ll use a combination of the two – lay out the bare bones of a new product in 2D and then add flesh in 3D.

For an example of out 3D work, please take a look at the transmission case assembly in Photo 1 (at right) drawn in Solid Edge.

In Photo 2; a machined-from-solid aluminium racecar rear upright. This client had a shortage of fabrication capability and a surplus of machine time. This extremely stiff part weighed less than a comparable steel fabrication and took a lot less time to make.

If a simple job is better served by working in 2D, that’s what we’ll do. Photo 3 shows some special banjo bolts we designed.

Whatever the medium, your job gets our best attention. Our deliverables include the design, the calculations, the drawings, proper documentation and follow-up support. If you have a design problem, we’re here to help.

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