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iPad Mount for Beech Bonanza (Model 241 049)

Our iPad mount for the Bonanza is designed along the same lines as our Garmin 496 and 696 mounts. It mates directly to the inspection port on the back side of the yoke arm. It positions the iPad directly in front of the center of the yoke arm and in the center of the airplane, allowing full movement of both your hands and access to all controls. It also allows your co-pilot to operate the iPad. Two adjustable swage fittings allow the mount to swivel closer or further from the yoke arm and also in the vertical plane. Slotted screw holes on the mounting plate allow you to align the iPad up and down.


  • CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with gold alodine finish and stainless steel hardware
  • Custom iPad mounting plate allows fine adjustment of vertical alignment
  • Attaches directly to the inspection port of the factory yoke arm
  • Fully adjustable side-to-side and up and down swivel adjustments
  • Rock-solid locking adjustments
  • Rigid, sturdy construction that prevents vibration or movement from engine vibration or turbulence and allows single-handed manipulation

iPad Mount including RAM iPad cradle: $179 + $11 shipping

Which iPad Model?

iPad Mount without RAM iPad cradle: $149 + $11 shipping

Already have one of our mounts? Our iPad conversion kit will allow you to reuse some of your existing Angerole hardware.
$80 (includes RAM iPad cradle) + $11 shipping.

iPad Bonanza Conv Kit