Cygnet/Universal 3-Axis Mount (Model 241 041)


We designed this mount for those of you who have replaced your factory yoke arm with one of Cygnet’s yoke arms. The mount mates directly to the two screw holes tapped into the top center of the yoke arm. The mount is fully adjustable, compact, light, sturdy and exceptionally stable. Put it together, position it where you want it, tighten down the swage fittings, and it will not budge.

This mount may also be attached to the face of your instrument panel if you do not have an unused hole for our Instrument Panel Mount. It takes up only a very small footprint, and makes a solid platform for most any device.


  • CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with aerospace grade corrosion-resistant gold alodine finish and stainless steel hardware
  • Device/GPS mounting plate with standard electronics industry AMPS hole pattern – allows just about any Garmin GPS or iPad EZ-Roll’r cradle to bolt right on. Garmin use the AMPS pattern exclusively on their cradles
  • Mates directly to Cygnet Yoke arm with no modifications of any kind required
  • May also be mounted directly to instrument panel face – 2 in. x .5 in footprint area usually allows installation somewhere on your panel
  • Fully adjustable side-to-side and up and down swivel adjustments
  • Rock-solid locking adjustments
  • Rigid, sturdy construction that prevents vibration or movement from engine vibration or turbulence


Check out some of our customers’ installations on our Gallery page.

Exploded View    |   Installation Instructions


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